Fun Facts: funny questions that have not yet found answers

Some funny questions that have not yet found answers and are definitely funny:


1. Why is the word “abbreviation” so long?

2. Why do the Kamikaze soldiers wear helmets?

3. Why Do They Use Sterile Needles for Lethal Injections?

4. What is the synonym of the word “synonym”?

5. Why isn’t there mouse-flavored cat food?

6. If nothing sticks to Teflon, how does it stick to pans?

7. Why do non-stop bars have locks?

8. If the flight recorder “black box” in a plane can not be destroyed, why don’t they make the whole plane of the same material?

9. If Donald has no brothers or sisters, how come he has grandchildren?

10. If Superman is so smart, why is he taking his panties over his pants?

11. When taking pictures with Mickey at Disneyland, does the man inside Mickey smile?

12. Does the air inside a tire spin as the car moves?

13. Cats always land on their feet. Buttered toast always lands buttered side down. What would happen if one attached a piece of buttered toast (butter side up) to the back of a cat, then dropped the cat from a large height?

14. Why the riddles never win the lottery?

15. What will be the era that will succeed the contemporary era?

16. If swimming burns calories, where do the whales go wrong?

17. If corn oil is made from corn, how about the body oil?

18. If superglue glue really sticks to anything, how about the inside of the tube?

19. Why isn’t ringing busy when we dial the wrong number?

20. Why do you need an appointment at the clairvoyant?

21. If today are zero degrees, and tomorrow is twice as cold, how cold will it be tomorrow?

22. Do you get the money back if the taxi runs backwards?

23. Why are carrots more orange than oranges?

24. Why do people believe you when you say “There are 400 million stars in the sky”, but when you tell them that “This bench was freshly painted”, they think you’re joking?

25. Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?

26. What’s the speed of dark?

27. A thermos keeps the drink cold in summer and warm in the winter. How does the thermos know when it’s summer and when it’s winter?

28. Why Your Penis Shrinks in cold water but doesn’t get any bigger when warm water applies?

29. If walking is very beneficial for health, then do the postmen never get sick?

30. What do sheep count when they don’t have sleep?

31. Do vegetarians eat animal shaped biscuits?

32. Why under the airplane seats are floating devices instead of parachutes?

33. When driving and looking for an address, why do we tend to lower the radio volume?

34. If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how could we ever know?

35. How do we know for sure that dog food is new and improved according to commercials?

36. Why are we pressing harder on the remote control when we know for certain that the batteries are finished?

37. Why are rubber ducks yellow when ducks are not yellow?

38. Has anyone really shot two birds out of a shot?

39. When a man is elected president, his wife is called First Lady. How would we call the husband of a woman who would be elected president?

40. If someone with multiple personalities threatens to suicide, then is it a hostage situation?

41. If you are born exactly at midnight, why is your birthday on both days?

42. Why are different languages ​​spoken with different accents if at the origin we all come from the same place?

43. Why Do Women always open their mouth when applying mascara?

44. Why do people say, “sleep like a child” when it is known that children are getting up quite often and do not have a really quiet sleep.

​​45. At a cinema on which side of the chair can you lay your hand?

46. If vampires cannot see their reflection in the mirror, then how does their hair look so appealing?

47. Why everyone who drives faster than you is considered an idiot, and everyone who drives slower than you are considered an imbecile?

48. Why doesn’t the fattest person in the world become a hockey player?

49. Do buses carrying prisoners have an emergency exit?

50. When two men marry each other, are they both attending the same bachelor party?

51. If a person who is about to be executed by electrocution has a cardiac arrest exactly before, is first aid granted?

52. Why do people never say, “Is just a game” when winning?

53. Did Noah also have hammers on the ark?

54. If a murderer has a redemption placed on his head and his being caught, does he get the ransom?

55. If someone owns a piece of land, then they own it up to the center of the earth?

56. Why do people constantly return to the refrigerator in the hope that something new might be there?

57. How is it that you can kill a deer and put it on a wall, but is it illegal to keep one as a pet?

58. If you steal a pen from the bank then is it considered bank robbery?

59. How come Superman is able to stop the bullets with his chest, but when someone throws a gun against him, he bends?

60. Why is Charlie the abbreviation of Charles when both have the same number of letters?