Tourist Attractions in Constanta: The Dolphinarium, the Planetarium, the Astronomical Observatory and the Exotic Birds Reserve

When we say Constanta, the thought takes us to the Black Sea and fun, to sunbaths and relaxation, to long, sunny holidays with our loved ones. Not many of us know that there are many tourist attractions in Constanta and that the Black Sea city has a lot of wonderful and unique places to visit.

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Tourist Attractions in Constanta

Located at the crossroads of several commercial routes, Constanta lies on the western coast of the Black Sea, 185 miles from the Bosphorus Strait. An ancient metropolis and Romania’s largest seaport, Constanta traces its history around 2,500 years ago. Originally called Tomis, legend has it that Jason landed here with the Argonauts after finding the Golden Fleece.

Founded by Greek colonists from Miletos in the 6th century BC, Tomis was conquered by the Romans in 71 BC and renamed Constantiana by Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, in honor of his sister. The name was shortened to Constanta during the Ottoman era. During the 13th century, Italy, especially Genoese merchants, dominated the Black Sea and Constanta flourished, only to decline two centuries later under Turkish rule.

Fine mansions and hotels were built in the 19th century when King Carol I decided to revive Constanta as a port and seaside resort.

The third largest city in Romania, Constanta is now an important cultural and economic center, worth exploring for its archaeological treasures and the atmosphere of the old town center. Its historical monuments, ancient ruins, grand Casino, museums and shops, and proximity to beach resorts make it the focal point of Black Sea coast tourism. Open-air restaurants, nightclubs and cabarets offer a wide variety of entertainment.

Constanta is the fourth largest port in Europe, ranked just after Rotterdam, Antwerp and Marseille.

The Natural Science Museum


So if you are looking for tourist attractions in Constanta, the city offers multiple leisure opportunities, and if you get here, it is imperative to spend time to go to the Museum of Natural Sciences. The complex includes the Dolphinarium and Planetarium, the Aquarium, the Astronomical Observatory, and the Exotic Birds Reserve.

The Dolphinarium in Constanta

the dolphinarium tourist attractions in constanta

The Natural Science Museum – The Dolphinarium in Constanta

The Dolphinarium hosts the veteran star dolphin, Mark along with two friendly sea lions John and Lorry in the amazing location from 255 Mamaia Boulevard. Their performances last for 30 minutes between 11:00 am and 7:00 pm and, during busy days additional shows are offered at 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.

The Aquarium in Constanta


However, when we talk about the Aquarium, keep in mind that the property is located in Elisabeta Boulevard, no. 1 (Casino area – seafront Constanta). The building was built at the beginning of the 20th century as an annex to the Casino and served as a restaurant until it was renovated for its current purpose. At present, over 100 species of fish and marine life can be visited, being structured in three sections: Marine, Fresh-Water and Exotic Pisces.

The Aquarium Tourist Attractions in Constanta

The Natural Science Museum – The Aquarium in Constanta

The Astronomical Observatory in Constanta

the astronomic observatory tourist attractions in constanta

The Natural Science Museum – The Astronomic Observatory in Constanta

The Astronomical Observatory was established in 1970. At the entrance of the Observatory, you can visit the Universe exhibition, presenting the structure of the Universe, from meta-galaxy to the structure of the Solar System, showing the planets in beautiful images along with their characteristics. Also in the Astronomical Observatory there is the dome for astronomical observations. It has a diameter of 5m and has a Cassegrain mirror type with a diameter of 150mm, the true focal length (900mm), the equivalent (2250mm), and the max = 360X.

The Micro Reservation in Constanta – Exotic Birds

Micro-Reservation Tourist Attractions in Constanta

The Natural Science Museum – The Micro-Reservation in Constanta

Within the The Natural Science Museum Constanta, since 1985 a Micro Reservation has been entered into the public circuit that covers an area of ​​about 12 hectares, of which 2 ha are a luster of water with amazing vegetation.

The patrimony of this landmark includes aquatic avifauna (pelicans, swans, ducks and wild gulls), terrestrial avifauna (peacocks and pheasants) and mammals (mouflon, deers, moose), found in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve and Negureni Reservation. Much of these specimens are monuments of nature and rare species with a decreasing representation in the natural biotopes.

Within the Natural Science Museum, since 1982, the Exotic Birds Exhibition has entered the touristic circuit, located in close proximity to the Micro Reservation.

Among terrestrial vertebrates, birds represent the richest group of species, summing ¾ of the total. The exotic and décor exhibition, which is enriched every year, offers visitors of all ages the opportunity to recreate themselves in a pleasant and instructive way, and can broaden their knowledge horizon on the avifauna of various bio geographical areas.

These are species such as the Great and Little Alexander in various varieties of color, the Rosella of Peru with a special palette, the noble parrot, the Jacob parrot, the nymph or whisperers, the paradise bird, the wavy parrots with a varied color, as well as other species of small birds that attract through their song and their liveliness (Zebra Finch, Diamond Turtle Dove). The Exotic Birds Exhibition hosts 23 species with a total of 85 copies.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding Tourist Attractions in Constanta

The Natural Science Museum – Horse Riding in Constanta

The complex also has a generous space for riding, with 14 horses from different breeds such as the Romanian sports horse, the Dutch breed, the Frezian breed, the Norwegian breed – Horse Fjord, the Arabian horses, the Bucovina breed and the ponies. The center also offers the possibility of purchasing long-term subscriptions for both adults and children.

The exact schedule and prices for each center can be found on the official website

As early as 2015, Phoenicia Holiday Resort organizes for both parents and children who choose to spend their holiday at the hotel, free rides at the Dolphinarium. Along with a member of the Phoenicia team, visits to the Natural Science Museum are organized twice a week, completely free of charge.

That being said, next time you plan your vacation, visit the Natural Science Museum because you will surely learn new and exciting things, and you can see more than 30,000 exhibits, some of them almost extinct. Besides all this, we will start sharing in our future articles many other tourist attractions in Constanta such as the Archaeological Park, the Lion House, the famous lighthouse in Constanta or the impressive building of the Casino.